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Honor Band Finalists...

ok kiddos. the Area stage of the Honor Band has ended today and here are the results for all the schools going to state and their programs.

Area A
1. Midland Lee
    La Oreja de Oro (San Miguel/ ed. Fennell)
    El Salon Mexico (Copland/Hindsley)
    Third Symphony Op. 89 mvts. 3 & 4 (Barnes)
2. Midland High
    Dance Movements (Mvts. 1-3) (Sparke)
    Four Scottish Dances (Arnold/Paynter)
    George Washington Bicentennial March (Sousa/Fennell)

Area B
1. Coppell
    Children's March (Grainger/Rogers)
    Symphony in Bb (Hindemith)
    Aegean Festival Overture (Makris/Bader)

2. Haltom
    Washington Greys March (Grafulla/Schissel)
    Variants on a Medieval Tune (Dello Joio)
    Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov/Patterson)

Area C
1. Plano East
    Glory of the Yankee Navy (John Philip Sousa/Frederick Fennell)
    Laboring Songs (Dan Welcher)
    Symphony in Bb for Band (Hindemith)

2. Marcus
    Finale from Symphony No. 2 (Ives/Elkus)
    Bells for Stokowski (Daugherty)
    March, Op. 99 (Prokofiev/Yoder)

Area D
1. Spring
    Geschwindmarsch by Beethoven (Hindemith)
    Sketches on a Tudor Psalm (Tull)
    The Planets, Opus 32 (play at least Jupiter) (Holst/Patterson)

2. Cedar Park
    Easter Monday On The White House Lawn (Sousa / Gore)
    Aegean Festival Overture (Makris/Bader)
    JÆai ete au bal (Grantham)
Area E
1. Langham Creek
    In Storm and Sunshine (J.C. Heed)
    Circus Overture (William Schuman/Don Owen)
    Don Juan (Richard Strauss/Merlin Patterson)

2. Jersey Village
    The Sorceror's Apprentice (Dukas/Hindsley)
    Theme and Variations (Schoenberg)
    A Slavic Farewell (Agapkin/Bourgeois)

Area F
1. Kingwood
    Pride of the Wolverines (Sousa)
    Symphony No. 2 (Chance)
    Rocky Point Holiday (Nelson)

2. Brazoswood
    Navigation Inn (Sparke)
    Overture to School for Scandal (Barber/Hudson)
    Symphonic Metamorphosis (play at least two mvts) (March available for sale, other mvts are rental only) (Hindemith/Wilson)

Area G
1. Harlingen
     Variants on a Mediaeval Tune (Dello Joio)
    Ecapade (Joseph Spaniola)
    Commando March (Samuel Barber)

2. Harlingen South
    Children's March (Percy Grainger)
    Dance Movements II, III (Philip Sparke)
    Niagra Falls (Michael Daugherty)


and there you have it. the last bit of honor band info you're gonna get untill after TBA, and the winner announced. 
so close!
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