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i knew that we were gonna get In storm and sunshine but even today i was filled with excitement when i got the music. langham's first circus screamer since honor band. plus its my favorite march EVAR... neway, not a personal entry, remember that.

uh... welcome back to band! (officially) and hopefully all of us and shift gears from heel-arch-ball-toe to... um... in-4-out-4? yeah, not a jem there.
neway. i've been deliberating for a while. and with constant viruses and formatting of hard drives and just sheer complacency... i shall be lazy no more.

to make this community more interesting... and by that more geeky, why dont we let our works be available for all to listen to? why not listen to the archives.
i have a good amount of recordings featuring me... i mean our band. and so that could be a good start. obviously if people have things to contribute then hooray. the more you contribute, the more you get.

but first off... anyone oppose? this is kinda like thank goodness for people who couldnt order highlights cd's in the past... or are just interested on what our bands have done prior to our attendance.

obviously i'm gung ho about this idea. i'll keep the recordings on my database and make them 320 kbps in mp3 format so that you get the quality you deserve

feedback is greatly obligatory.
i will ban you if you dont vote

just kidding.
but really

so basically
theres gonna be a list on the info page for stuff tahts available to download(from me)
all the stuff will be recordings our bands in the past
if you see a title that interests you
ask and you shall recieve

but... if you object.. please forever hold your peace. jk if you object say so.

this is just a way to make this community more worthwhile
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