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Bet you guys forgot this thing existed eh?


what a year this has been eh?
Midwest, 328746234 required concerts, contests, hookups, breakups, drama, pants, festvals, 2390 hour rehearsals, pants, audtions, and even more pants.

more recently though, the reviving of the Langham Creek Lobo Marching Band.
congratulations to our two new Drum Majors leading our band to "potentially the most successful band in the history of the school," Ben "Trombone" Mercado (senior) and Andrew "Johnny" Salinas (Junior). they prolly worked a lil bit to get it but who knows eh?

in case some of you are bad band kids and dont listen to the directors, our Show will be featuring music from Elgar's Enigma Variations. unfortunately i forgot what movments we are playing but do know, as the rest of you should as well, that the show this year is in 6 parts! so does that mean smaller passoffs? or combined passoffs? dosent matter cuz passoffs are easy anyway.

I do have a copy of Enigma Variations that the directors sent over to Key Poulan. you guys should go and check out the site. you can download a few shows. Even the show "Red" which our band did back in 2001-2002. If any of you would like a copy of Enigma Variations, just IM me at dop3 mell0w, and ill hook you up. 

Since i dont know all 23784 DI's im just gonna say congratulations that everyone tried out. and for the new ones taht made it... heh heh...

starting about the next week and a half, the Symphonic Band's recording for the Honor Band competition will be evaulated at the Region Level, along with Cinco Ranch, Cy-Springs, Cy-Fair, and Jersey Village. good luck to us! The final Honor Band results will be announced at TBA (Texas Bandmasters Assocation, not To Be Announced) in late July. If i can ill try to give you region and area results when they come out. or we could all just let the suspense kill us untill after TBA. 

Oh, not only does the $26 Million Berry Center host AP testing and Graduations and next years football games and Area Marching Contest, but this summer the Berry Center is hosting Houston's DCI Show, THE exSIGHTment OF SOUND. i gave a brochure to Big Mac but he hasnt said anything about sending the band to it like been done in years past. I knew a few are taking a "road trip" to see the more Major DCI competition in San Antonio, and hope to hear the Honor Band results too. whatever your plans are, just try to go to any DCI show, those guys have the 8 -hour rule of march 8 hours a day. 

So... will all that said and done, Thanks to the seniors for helping to lead us to where we are now, good luck whatever you guys do. you're freeee. 

marching starts on tuesday... and EVERYONE comes for the WHOLE TIME. not like last year where upperlass came like at 10 or whatever. [edit] 8-12. [/edit]bring the usual stuff. 

Langham Creek Lobo Marching Band, Statebound '06 baby lyke omg!!!!1!!!!!111!!!!

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